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A couple of months ago I received an email from my friends An and Suz asking me if I would like to join them on a series celebrating Marcel Marlier’s work. Of course I had to say yes! Anita’s books (that's the Portuguese name for Martine) were part of my childhood and are a great inspiration for the clothes I make for my daughters now.
Our public library has an amazing collection of vintage editions of Anita’s books so I went there for some inspiration last September (here is Teresa reading an Anita book and wearing a Debbie's dress). I knew I wanted to sew a dress for each of my daughters and, when I saw these two dresses, I thought they were perfect.
So my first thought was to make an exact copy of the dresses and then take some photos at the park with the right accessories.
(Teresa was really committed to play the book character but Ines not so much so this was the best photo I manage to take...)
But then I couldn’t help myself… These dresses were too classical! I needed to add something to make them look a little bit more edgy…  So I draft a couple of ideas and went back to my local store to get new zippers. Yellow zippers! (Thank you Ines and Sara for helping me on the difficult task of choosing the perfect color for the zippers when I was in between these two options!)
So my daughters look a lot like Anita and her friend here…
..but I don’t think Marcel Marlier would dress Anita and her friend like this.
The Pattern: Hanami Dress by Straightgrain. I love this pattern since I’ve tested last year. The fitting is perfect and it has so many gorgeous options. Besides changing the back invisible zipper for an exposed zipper I kept the pattern original and I think it fits right into Anita’s vintage style.

Fabric/Notions: All fabrics and notions are from my local shop. The white fabric on both dresses is cotton birdseye pique and the colored (red and blue) fabric is lightweight corduroy. I love working with these classical fabrics and I think they look really great together.

I hope you liked my Anita dresses. Teresa and Ines were delighted with them. The photo shoot took place at our wonderful local park that, I think, resemble a lot with the park in the book.  
And one little detail: I didn't cut Ines hear short for her to look more like Anita. A couple of weeks ago she cut her hair by herself and, when I took her to the hair saloon, they told me this was the only way they could fix what she had done. But it was perfect for this photo shoot!


An ans Suz had put together a nice giveaway with some wonderful prizes. Feel free to take part on the rafflecopter below.
And don't forget to check out all other amazing creations on this series! As you can see below I was lucky enough to be posting my creation on the same day as Caro from La cabane d'Elilou. She makes incredible clothes for her and her kids so don't forget to head over her blog and delight yourself with her Marcel Marlier creation.

quinta-feira, 9 de Outubro de 2014


Today, as autumn is finally arriving to Portugal, I will share with you a couple of dresses I made this summer for Teresa and Ines. I hope you like them as much as we do!
Pattern: View “O” from Girls Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori (check out here the blouse I made with another pattern from this book). I think you already know I am a huge fan of Japanese Sewing Books. The garment’s design is always gorgeous, mixing classical styles with great new ideas, the styling is clean and simple and all instructions have wonderful drawings that allow me to understand (almost) everything without speaking a word of Japanese (though, I have to admit, my book is an English version…).
(Teresa was not in the mood for photos...)
Fabric/Notions: Main fabric is Meadow Stroll from Birch Fabric’s Storyboek Two Collection and came from Fabricworm (I think it is out of stock there but I think you can still find it here and here). It is a very nice organic cotton with those super soft and special colors only Birch Fabrics has (check out here a blouse and here a couple of tank tops I made with their wonderful fabrics). I paired it with a basic green and off-white star cotton from my local store and added a bit of pink piping between the bodice and the skirt. At the store I was in-between green and strawberry red (the fox color, can you spot it?) and I am still not sure if I made the right decision… And, I almost forgot, there is a vintage pink button at the back of each dress.
We took these photos at Quinta do Pisão, a beautiful farm near Lisbon. My intention was to make the photo shoot at its gorgeous meadows but, with my kids, things don't go as planed most of the times...

...So I leave you with the girls feeding these nice donkeys!

quinta-feira, 18 de Setembro de 2014


I am so happy to be back to Flip This Pattern!  It is such a great and inspiring series. I love it!

So it is time for September Showcase! This month Flip This Pattern is featuring  ten great patterns from ten rising indie designers. Great idea, isn't it?
Layout 2

I was lucky enough to pick the awesome Serendipity Swing Coat from the new pattern company Sewlosophy. What a great pattern this is! I am totally overwhelmed! But I wasn't able to keep the pattern as it is... After all this is Flip This Pattern, right?
The Serendipity Swing Coat

So I made a shirt, instead of a coat and I love the over all result. It is a comfortable and stylish shirt Teresa can wear to school while the weather is still fine. (Hopefully that's until the end of October...) And then she can wear it again next spring as the shirt has plenty of room for her to grow...

Now let's talk about my flip! I actually made no changes to the original pattern pieces. I have just cut the front panel on fold and that was enough to turn the coat into a shirt!
But, since I decided this shirt would not be reversible (yes, the original pattern is reversible!) I had to change a lot the way all pattern pieces were sewn together. I've finished the neckline with contrasting bias tape (I think that's way the wonderful shoulder gathering looks a little bit "flat" on my shirt) and added a bit of striped fabric on the sleeves to be able to have a nice finish when the sleeves were rolled up. The yoke closes with snaps, instead of buttons, and I added a couple of snaps to the sleeves to keep them in place.

The main fabric for this shirt comes from one of my favorite online shops, The Fabric Stash, and it was actually bought with my prize for winning last year's Flip This Pattern. It is Dainty Blossoms Posy Pink by Carina Gardner for Riley Blake Designs and it is still available, so check it out here! For the sleeves lining I picked a bit of blue and white stripped fabric from an old man's shirt given to me by a friend long time ago.

Sewing this coat was a fun and I guess I will have to sew all Sewlosophy patterns now! Not only their fitting is impeccable, but I love the design. And did you know the instructions come with a video? Amazing!

 (It was an early morning photo shoot, this one...)

Thank you Emiliy and Ashley for such a great series!
Thank you Destri for such a great pattern!

And, I almost forgot, there is a great giveaway going on and lost of discount coupons for you to get these patterns at a great price. Check it out here

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Today I am visiting for the second time this week my friend Shino, in Japan, for her great series Sew Japanese. And I am taking Ines and her new outfit with me!
Oh, and how I love this outfit!

Both blouse and shorts patterns come from the Japanese book Handmade Little Girl's Clothes by Yuki Araki and this was the first time I actually sewn with original Japanese instructions. (Ok, I admit almost all my Japanese sewing books are English or French versions. I am a cheater! This book was gently borrowed by my friend Carla. Thank you!) Not fully understanding the instructions wasn't such a big deal as the diagrams where great but, for the size chart I had to get some help from the great sewing dictionary at Japanese Sewing Books Blog...
Though I love the shorts - they are super comfy and have the cutest pockets at the front - I have to admit I am super proud of the blouse as it was made with linen thrifted from my grandmother's old bed sheets!
Courtney from Sweeter then Cupcakes is also sharing a super cool knit jumper so Ines is in great company.
Head over Nutta and check out all the details! And, if you have missed it, you can check out the blouses I shared Wednesday here!

quarta-feira, 10 de Setembro de 2014


This week my kids and I are traveling to the other side of the world to visit my good friend Shino from the Japanese blog Nutta and be part of her first series: Sew Japanese.
Today I will be sharing a couple of tunics from the book Girls Clothings by Akiko Mano made with a lovely Japanese linen I bought at Miss Matatabi. (If you don't know yet this etsy store, you should check it out! It has the most incredible choise of fabric and great shipping rates to Europe!)

Now don't forget to head over Nutta and read what Shino has to say about this book and its author. It is super interesting! Plus, I got to answer a couple of questions about Japanese Sewing Books myself... Plus, we will be in great company as Teri from Climbing the Window will also be sharing a lovely piece of clothing!
And feel free to come back on Friday as our journey is Japan will continue!

quinta-feira, 4 de Setembro de 2014


I have great news for you today!
Last year my lovely friends Emily and Ashley from Frances Suzanne have put together a great contest: Flip This Pattern. (I was lucky to be one of the contestants and flip the wonderful Bubble Pockets Shorts Pattern by Elegance and Elephants. Here it is!) This year they are taking their idea to another level with lots of new challenges and surprises and now it’s time for Flip This Pattern September Showcase!
Layout 2 
So what is actually going on?
Well, a lot!
You will be able to see lots of gorgeous creations made with some of the most amazing indie patterns on the market. Head over to Frances Suzanne every day to check them out! (By the way, I will be making a Serendipity Swing Coat, a pattern from an amazing new company called Sewlosophy. I loved this pattern so don’t forget to come back in a couple of days and see what I have sewn. I have to admit I have changed a bit the original pattern. After all it is Flip This Pattern, right?!)
You will also be able to win a bunch of patterns. Try your luck on the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And you will be able to buy these patterns for very nice prices. Check out the discount coupons here. (Don’t forget the coupons will run through September 19.)
Is this enough? No! There is more! There is a linky party where you can add any creation made with any pattern from any featured designer. Check them out and don’t forget to share your creations!

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My kids school doesn’t have a uniform so, to make my mornings easier, I kind of decided denim trousers/shorts/skirts would be their informal uniform. The only problem is that it is so hard to find loose fitting trousers in our stores. Shinnies are all I can buy… So I decided to make a pair of Clover Denim Trousers Teresa could wear to school and be cool and comfortable ate the same time. Here they are!
The Pattern: Clover Shorts by Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House for Willow and Co. Besides turning the shorts into trousers by lengthening them, I’ve omitted a couple of nice features from this wonderful pattern because I wanted a super fast project to sew. So I kept the side pockets but left behind the belt and its loops. I love the fitting of these trousers! I think they are really unique!
Fabric / Notions: The fabric is light weight denim from an ugly women’s dress I bought at my local street market for 3 Euros. It is really soft and drapes nicely and that’s why I bought such and hideous peace of garment (sorry, but I forgot to take “before” photos). I’ve sew everything with contrasting white thread and I am glad I did it because it adds some texture to the plain and monochromatic denim fabric.

So here are a couple of last minute photos from my last sewing project just in time to share with Willow and Co. Back to School Contest!

And, good news, these trousers look great with the Aster Cardigan I made last week. I think Teresa already has a proper first day of school outfit!